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Grow Your Crazy Successful Doula Business

without the frustration of spending hours creating everything from scratch

You're a doula and all of a sudden you're a business owner too...

That means that you probably wear several different hats on any given day.

Baby wearer. Receptionist. Hip squeezer. Marketer. Lactation cookie baker. Public relations. Space holder. Website designer. Parent helper.

Of course your first priority is always going to be your client. And of course that means that setting up and marketing your biz often gets squeezed in between your doula work and ummm I don't know, your actual life.

And the many hats you wear start to feel heavy because you only have the one head and how can you be a doula AND run the behind-the-scenes of your biz?

Can you imagine...

  • Starting your business and having a library full of contracts, client forms, prenatals and checklists that you can customize to help you look and feel professional.
  • Having pre-made marketing and business materials such as client resources and social media templates that you can brand (and feel like a creative genius) in a matter of minutes.
  • Owning a toolbox with new templates and resources that are created based on your needs and added on a monthly basis.

If any of this sounds like a dream, I want you to know that it’s 100% real and waiting for you. I’ve been exactly where you are now as a business-owner and because I understand the overwhelm, I have created a business-building toolbox filled with the things you need to help you start and grow a successful doula business without having to start from scratch.

That’s why I can't wait to introduce you to the Doula Toolbox Vault!
If you're ready to save time and create a branded, professional doula business,


I'll never tell you that investing in a business tool will make running your own business easy. 

But there are tools that can lighten the load and make it easier

A client management system for automated workflow, an email service provider to build and serve an email list, an organization tool like Trello...

...and a resource toolbox that allows you to quickly create the things you need to run and market your business.

When you're a DTB Vault member,

Spending hours upon hours creating your own resources and templates for marketing and most of the time not really knowing where to start.
Creating social media posts, client and business resources that speak to your brand and what you offer in just minutes.

Purchasing one resource at a time and scrambling to find what you need at the last minute.
Having everything you need, from contracts to social media, at your fingertips plus the support you need to put it all together.

Wishing you had a collection of branded resources that serve your clients and your business at every stage.
Serving your clients with branded resources that enhance their experience and creates raving fans.
Dearest Doula, if you're ready to go from feeling scattered and unorganized to being branded and put together, but you need something that helps you get started (and keeps you going)...

I created the DTB Vault for you!

The One-Stop-Shop For Doulas With Unlimited Access to Customizable Business Tools and Resources. {Over 40 resources valued at $1000+ inside PLUS new resources added monthly!}
So, what is the DTB Vault anyways?

The Doula Toolbox Vault was created to solve a problem. So many doulas start their business with great excitement and then quickly lose their spark because all of a sudden the behind-the-scenes takes over. 

As a DTB Vault owner, you will…

  • Have access to a library full of resources and templates curated especially for doulas + birth workers.
  • Be able to share feedback and submit resource requests based on what you need in your business.
  • Feel confident in building a branded business while maintaining focus on supporting families.

No more struggling. No more worrying. No more wasting time.

Over 40 resources waiting for your special touch! Here's a sneak peek...

Contracts and Forms

Easily customize and brand your contracts and agreements.

In this category you have access to:

  • Birth, Postpartum & Fertility Doula Contract + Virtual Birth & Postpartum Doula Contract

  • Social Media & Photo Release Form + Doula Meet & Greet Checklist 

  • Birth Package Prenatal Forms 1&2 + Birth Plan Template, Postpartum Package Intake Form, Fertility Package Intake Form

Business Building Resources

For your growing doula biz. These resources will help you implement systems and create professional, branded material.

In this category you have access to:

  • Templates for consultations and client work such as services and pricing guide and inquiry email templates.
  • Workflow Magic for blogs, launches, client work. Lead magnet templates to start & grow an email list plus email templates to nurture your email list.
  • Guides for business building such as Instagram for Your Doula Biz and the DTB Passion Partner Guide.

Client Resources

Vault members enjoy access to pre-made guides and templates that elevate the client experience.

In this category you have access to:

  • Workbooks designed to help you serve and build a relationship with your clients such as the 4th Trimester Workbook & Guide.
  • Resources such as the Postpartum Pantry that will help you attract your ideal client.
  • Brand-able material to use as client gifts or for re-sale such as affirmation cards.
Built-in features to help you get the most out of the DTB Vault...

I want you to be able to edit and brand your resources quickly and easily. Video tutorials help take the guess work out.


I want doulas to feel like confident CEOs. All resources created for the vault are based on what members are requesting for their business.


DTB is committed to making sure that you get the most out of your investment. If you're ever stuck, the team is always just an email away.


To make things go even faster, the vault includes resources that are DONE and just waiting for your branding and business information. 

Get the DTB Vault today!
Choose the best plan for you...
  • Customizable Client Contracts & Agreements
  • Pre-made Marketing Materials
  • Business Building Guides
  • Brand-able Canva Templates
  • 40+ Resources
  • New Resources Added Monthly
  • Lifetime Access
  • Customizable Client Contracts & Agreements
  • Pre-made Marketing Materials
  • Business Building Guides
  • Brand-able Canva Templates
  • 40+ Resources
  • New Resources Added Monthly
  • Lifetime Access
$365 usd
Check out some of the most popular DTB Vault resources...

The 4th Trimester Workbook

This is a beautifully designed 25-page workbook that you can either incorporate into your business as an addition to your existing services, or as an extra 'postpartum road-mapping' consultation.

($47 value)


Comfort Techniques

This resource can be branded and used in many different ways in your business such as your client workflows, handouts, email list builders and more.

($27 value)


Services + Pricing Guide

Present your services and packages in this 24-page professional, branded guide. This template helps you to showcase your success stories, address objections and paint a picture of what life with a doula looks like for your potential clients.

($37 value)


IG Info Bundle

7 pre-made images that help you serve your audience and create engagement through tagging. You have the option of branding this bundle or using the original design.

($15 value)

Check Out How Other Doulas Are Customizing Vault Resources!
We're kind of obsessed!

I'm Rebecca.

The DTB Vault is my answer to the frustration I hear over and over in the Doula Toolbox Community - getting your business off the ground without constantly having to pull out your credit card or spend time creating when creating isn't your passion.

Creating, however, is my passion and after my experience with postpartum depression, my passion grew to creating change in the pre and postnatal world, in a creative way. 

I combined my new mission with my secret sauce of helping businesses grow and started pouring into the doula community.

I want to help you succeed. That means whatever you need to run a successful business, I’ve got your back. You get out there and support those families, and I’ll be over here creating whatever you need to be the difference maker that you are.


The DTB Vault is a good fit for you if...

  • You're serious about creating a professional and branded doula business.
  • You're feeling frustrated having to create all of your business and marketing resources from scratch.
  • You're ready to save time and get out from behind your computer os that you can be serving the families who needs you.
  • You've been adding up all of the individual costs of your business resources and you're looking for a one-stop-spot for everything you need.

If any of these sounds like you, you’re exactly where you need to be and I'm excited to welcome you into the DTB Vault.

So, Serious Question: Are You Ready to Elevate Your Doula Biz?


Here's an example of what you can expect once you get yourself inside:

Birth & Postpartum Affirmation Templates

6-Week Postpartum Planner

Comfort Measures & Breastfeeding Templates

Social Media Templates

Inquiry & Consultation Email Templates

Lead Magnet Templates

Workflow Magic Systems Guide

And so much more!

If you're still reading, there's something holding you back.
You may be asking yourself...
Access the DTB Vault today!
Choose the best plan for you...
  • Customizable Client Contracts & Agreements
  • Pre-made Marketing Materials
  • Business Building Guides
  • Brand-able Canva Templates
  • 40+ Resources
  • New Resources Added Monthly
  • Lifetime Access
  • Customizable Client Contracts & Agreements
  • Pre-made Marketing Materials
  • Business Building Guides
  • Brand-able Canva Templates
  • 40+ Resources
  • New Resources Added Monthly
  • Lifetime Access
$365 usd
$127 usd